Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Couple of Cute Phrases

Corbin has been cracking us up lately. He's a little comedian.

One new thing that he learned from who-knows-where is saying "Ah-choo!" and putting his hand over his nose/mouth at the same time. He thinks it the most entertaining thing ever.

He also plays hiding games. He will put Daddy or Mommy or himself behind something (like a pillow or blanket). Then it goes something like this:
Corbin: Dad?
Me: Where's Dad?
Corbin: Where?
(Dad is revealed)
Corbin: There he is!
... and then repeat 5-10 times. The cutest thing is that when he does it to himself, he calls himself something similar to "Pappy".

Corbin: Pappy?
Me: Where's Corbin?
Corbin: Where?
(revealing Corbin)
Corbin: There he is!

He's also figured out that he can try and distract us by asking for hugs. He did it the other day when he was in trouble. He asks for a "Cug?" And of course, we always give him a hug & then go back to business. Tonight he tried to get out of brushing his teeth by asking for a "cug."

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