Saturday, September 29, 2007

Corbin's Cousin

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We just found out that Corbin's first cousin (and my first nephew) will be a BOY! He is due in February. We were hoping for a boy so that Corbin & he would get to grow up together & be bosom buddies.... Congratulations to B & T & welcome to TEAM BLUE!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Me & E. Gordon Gee

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"And buddy, that was good enough for me.
Good enough for me and E. Gordon Gee..."

I met OSU president E. Gordon Gee on Saturday when he crashed our tailgate. Check out his cool pants! Not many people went up to him for an autograph or photo, but I didn't want to miss this awesome scrapbook-photo opp!

My Uncle Gary replied to my Dad's e-mail, "The old prenatal 'laying of the scarlet and gray hands'. Cool."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome to My Blog, Family & Friends!

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To see Corbin's new ultrasound photos, click on the link on the right sidebar that says, "Corbin's 29 Week Ultrasound."
To see our nursery, scroll down a few entries to peek at the wall paintings. I can't wait until it all comes together these next few weeks!
Sooo... WELCOME to my blog! This is where I have been keeping some random thoughts for the past couple of months regarding the pregnancy. I've kept it pretty private up until now, but now you can "follow along" in the pregnancy if you'd like. There are only 10 weeks and 5 days until Corbin's estimated due date now! I plan to post updates as they come, and eventually, we will tell his birth story here & you can still follow along & see how we are coping with being new parents, too!
We had our last scheduled ultrasound this morning at Ultrasona Columbus. It was nice- my in-laws came down to witness Corbin at 29 weeks, 2 days in utero. The ultrasound went well. He is measuring way ahead of schedule- like a baby who's due date would be around November 24th!! He is approx 3 1/2 pounds & approx 17-18" long already. He favored his left hand today, and the U/S technician said she read that that could mean he will be left-handed. I think he looks like DH (for those of you new to this, that is code for "Dear Husband"- he has his ears, nose & eyes. He mostly kept his eyes shut, but he peeked at us a couple of times. The cord is wrapped loosely around his neck at this point, but the tech said that this is very common & usually nothing to worry about. It would become worrisome if Corbin showed signs of distress during normal delivery, but usually it is okay.
Well, feel free to check back often! Thanks for checking it out!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I had the dreaded glucose tolerance test on Monday & had to drink the flat orange fruit drink. It wasn't too horrible, I guess. They said they would call me if it was abnormal. I never heard anything back from them, so I guess no news is good news.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


This is it- the third and final trimester has arrived. I can never again say that I have not experienced a first or second trimester. We're in the home-stretch! I can't believe there are already less than 12 weeks to go.
On a very positive note, we get to see Corbin again in a week. On the 24th, we have another 4D ultrasound scheduled & will get to see our little guy & his features. I am so curious to see if he has hair or not. Many of the 4D ultrasounds I have seen have the baby looking so distorted, with exaggerated features. Then again, if you were immersed in water, you'd look a heck of a lot different than you do otherwise, too. But I am sure that to DH and I, he will look perfect in every way.
I will finally be revealing this website to family and friends on the 24th, too. I wanted to wait until they had more photos to look at first. It's been pretty lonely out here in my own little cyberspace, so if you're reading this now (which will then be a week later), please leave me a comment :)
Yesterday, mom and I made my thank you cards for Corbin's gifts. I would scan one into the computer, but then it would ruin it for those of you who will soon be receiving one! I am very happy with them, though. Mom designed them, of course, but we both did all the cutting, I did the stamping & put on the ribbons, and mom and I both did the final assembly. I really can't wait to do the baby announcements/Christmas cards with her soon- that will mean he is truly almost here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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We hired an artist off of cra*igslist to paint the nursery for us in the theme of Corbin's bedding. Didn't she do an awesome job?

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So, I decided I wanted a decaf coffee this morning for a mental pick-me-up. I stop by a drive-thru & order a medium coffee. I pulled up to the first window & paid the lady. Her nametag said "Cricket." I started to pull away, and I hear a "Hey" in a hushed voice. I stop the car & look back at the drive-thru lady. She hesitates for so long that I think I misheard her. I almost pulled away, but instead I looked puzzledly (new word) at her. She looks around for a moment & then continues, "Do you come by here often?"
Me: "Um, no, not really."
Cricket: "Well, you should come by here more. Just ask for Chris & I will give you a shot in your coffee."
Bewildered & a little nervous, I drive up to the next window. Thank goodness they had my coffee in hand & waiting for me, because I was ready to book it. What did she mean by a shot? Of liquor? Espresso? Hazelnut syrup? Was she trying to get someone named Chris in trouble? Anyway, my coffee smelled fine, so I did drink it, but I don't think I will be going back again, for fear of secret ingredients...

Monday, September 3, 2007

I Need Some Support

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... in a very literal sense. I tried tailgating this weekend, and I did NOT bode well. It was 8 hours of a very sore back. DH and I spent Labor Day weekend at his grandparents' cottage in Michigan & I tried to be a trooper; however, my back hurt like hell! I borrowed this back support/binder thingy from my step-father-in-law & I couldn't tell if it helped or not. It may have been a placebo effect, but at least I was able to smile for the picture!