Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So, I decided I wanted a decaf coffee this morning for a mental pick-me-up. I stop by a drive-thru & order a medium coffee. I pulled up to the first window & paid the lady. Her nametag said "Cricket." I started to pull away, and I hear a "Hey" in a hushed voice. I stop the car & look back at the drive-thru lady. She hesitates for so long that I think I misheard her. I almost pulled away, but instead I looked puzzledly (new word) at her. She looks around for a moment & then continues, "Do you come by here often?"
Me: "Um, no, not really."
Cricket: "Well, you should come by here more. Just ask for Chris & I will give you a shot in your coffee."
Bewildered & a little nervous, I drive up to the next window. Thank goodness they had my coffee in hand & waiting for me, because I was ready to book it. What did she mean by a shot? Of liquor? Espresso? Hazelnut syrup? Was she trying to get someone named Chris in trouble? Anyway, my coffee smelled fine, so I did drink it, but I don't think I will be going back again, for fear of secret ingredients...

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