Monday, October 22, 2007

Done Showering

We had our last shower yesterday at DH's great aunt's home. It went very well. The food was so good. We had a ham/egg/cheese souffle dish, this yummy fruit salad and french toast casserole. It was so delicious & the tables were beautiful! We got a lot of great gifts once again, and the company was great! It was fun to talk about the baby & what to expect during labor, etc.
Today, I am busy laundering and putting away his clothing and bedding. I'm organizing all that I can before he arrives. I am thinking I may consider packing my hospital bag, too, although we just live minutes from the hospital anyway. 6 & a half weeks or so until I get to meet our son!


Jess said...

What are we all staring at in the last picture?

Omrithekat said...


I have no idea! It was one of the only photos I had of us "at the table" so I used it to demonstrate the "brunchy" feel. However.... ummm, I have no idea!