Monday, April 7, 2008

Jogging Stroller Debut!

It looks like the winning girl name is Katherine Elizabeth, and the boys' names are Carter & Bennett (too close to call!) Of course, we will add a new poll when we actually are preggers. It's very insightful to get everyone's opinion. Thanks for voting!

The weather has been so nice the past couple of days that when Corbin woke up from his nap today, we took out the jogging stroller. It is fantastic! It allows me to hook up our MP3 player & listen to music while it records my mph, the time and the milage for me.

Corbin loved it, too. I put some vaseline on his face because of the wind, but forgot to add sunscreen & his cheeks are a little toasty now (so is my forehead!) I'm just not used to that sun! We were out for an hour and a half, and he slept most of the time we were out.

Here is a pic of him in his jogging stroller. Looks comfy, doesn't he?


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