Friday, April 4, 2008


To premise this, I have always been obsessed with baby names. We ARE NOT pregnant, so don't get too excited! Ever since I gave birth, I have been stewing over what we will name our next child.

I just thought it would be fun if you would vote on my favorite baby names. There aren't too many girl choices on the list, because we are pretty set on our girl's name, if we ever have one. But we will probably have a boy, and there are a lot of good boy's names out there. I don't like names that are too popular, usually. I'm not posting our last name, but to get the idea, it is one syllable, and it starts with a "K".

Just for fun, please vote on my favorite baby names. You too, Jon- I know you will veto a couple of them! LOL

VOTE on my Name List

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