Sunday, May 11, 2008


Haven't been on here in a week or so... sorry! We are busy trying to make our condo "showable" so we can move out of here & get into a single family home. So I have been packing instead of exercising in my downtime. And guess what? I lost 7 pounds somehow! Weird how that works! Anyway, most of the place is cleaned up now.

We must be going through a midlife crisis, because we also decided we needed a new vehicle. We got a minivan, making me one step closer to being a soccer mom. It's great though- even Jon is crazy about it. It gives us so much room & has already came in handy for moving boxes to and fro our storage facility (aka my parent's basement). Here is a pic of me in the new ride.

Also keeping me busy, as if I wasn't busy enough during Corbin's naps, I discovered myspace. So I have a new profile there. Here is my page if you want to check it out. I will say this- I won't add you as a friend unless I know you or you give me a really really good explanation. I don't want to get spammed. But really, all of my major blogging about my family will be done on this site.

I had a great first mother's day. Corbin slept great last night & Jon took over duty when he woke up this morning. Then we went out to lunch with my parents. I got Vera Bradley purses (well, I picked them out) from Jon & Corbin & I got a Pandora bracelet from my parents since it was my first.

When I was cooking dinner tonight, Jon yelled for me to "come look at (my) son!" When I got there, I saw him in Jon's hockey cap.

"I know I'm adorable!"

And my favorite!!

"Hey, man! I know how to rock the party!"

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