Thursday, May 15, 2008

WTH am I thinking?

I am going to work tonight for 4 hours for the first time in 6 months. Mostly just to keep my feet wet. It's not for the piddly money it will bring in, that's for sure.

I told them they could call me for temporary work when they needed to after 6 months, and they called yesterday. I don't know why, but I committed to 4 shifts. Ahhhhhh! Now I am panicking. I don't want to leave my little guy! I am not even sure I remember how to be a dietitian!

Here are a couple of pics after Corbin's bath last night. I took them because we have never put him in this robe & slippers set before, but I think it was the first gift I opened at shower #1, so I just needed to commemorate the occasion. Robes and slippers are pretty impractical for newborns. My little guy hates to be cold after a bath, so it's right from warm bath water to warm towel to warm pjs. With robes, you have to put their little arms through & tie it up, so by the time you figure all of that out, your child is red-faced from screaming. But this time, I treated it like he was going into his pjs... got him all warm and dry first.

His face is red because of windburn from being outside. And it's shiny because I always lube him up with petroleum jelly after a bath because of his eczema. Cute little ensemble, though, eh?

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