Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Packing Up

The camera isn't completely packed away, but everything is in disarray, so I am not yet uploading Christmas pics. It's just too messy around here! We had a great Christmas & hope you had a great holiday, too. I have some cute photos of Corbin in his new sled that I will soon share. He was very sick on Christmas Day, so he looks a little rosy in all of our photos. Poor little bug.

The renter signed the lease to our condo tonight, so that is another weight off of our shoulders. We close on Friday, get possession Saturday night & have the movers coming on Sunday morning. There are so many deadlines & appointments to make within the next few weeks.

Also, we will be without consistent internet coverage from Sunday the 4th until Tuesday the 13th, so posts will be few & far between, I think.

I hope everyone has a very happy & safe new year!

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