Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sick Again! Just in Time for Moving Day!

Corbin is ill again. He woke up, drank some milk in our bed & then up it came. The sheets just got out of the dryer. Then we took a load over to our new house & got him out of the car. Before he got inside, he threw up in the garage. Jon rushed him outside on the grass & the poor kid just kept heaving & crying. Poor thing.

We went down in his new playroom & began to set some of it up. That occupied him for a while, but then he started to lay down on the carpet. So we left Jon at the new house & came back to the condo for a nap. Well, I should say that he napped & I re-loaded the van up with misc. odds & ends.

Thankfully, we have family in town to help play with Corbin while we unpack, but it looks like they have their work cut out for them today.

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