Friday, March 13, 2009

Teething- the Finale

Corbin is teething in a bad way. I'm very happy to say that we are almost done (for a while) Tooth #15 and #16 are on their way through right now. Those are the lower canine teeth for Mr. Fussybutt. We have all of our molars, and 2 of them are now fully erupted. The other 2 just look like little razorblades. It's incredible how fast these buggers come through. Just the other day, I swear his bottom left molar popped through fully in 24-48 hours. That hurts!! I'm so glad we are almost done until we get those 2 year molars. I need a break from the running faucet mouth.

Here's the little guy just hanging out (upside down) in the playroom.

...and here's a shot that shows off his mouthful. It was taken about a week ago, so it's already a little outdated!

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