Friday, August 10, 2007

A Day Off

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I've been picking up extra shifts lately to help out at work, so it was really nice to have the day off today. I went over to my parents' condo this afternoon to see Mom, who just came into town last night. She had brought down some of my old Fis*her Price toys & scrubbed them down. I used to love these things! I hope Corbin likes them, too. She also gave me some books that I had written. One was called "Sally Imagination". It was about this girl who thought she was plain, but ended up being the star of the show because she threw together some wood, nails, painted it & entered it into some contest. This book has a few fallacies, but let me point out a couple. In one chapter, her friend's mom puts them into a room unsupervised with some wood, nails and paint. Also, near the end, after she has won this contest, this man solicits her on the street to help (in my words) "cheer up (his) son." lol.
After receiving some hand me downs from Mom (and a couple of cool scrapbooks, as an added bonus), we went to BRU & looked around. She is stocking their new place with baby goods for when he comes to visit. I ended up getting some Be*lly Bars, which were only okay. They kind of taste like no-bake cookies. Then we went to the scrapbook store & I got a lot of new papers for my scrapbooking day tomorrow. DH is at a golf outing, so I will be taking the time to work on my books for a day.

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