Sunday, August 19, 2007

One year down, forever to go!

DH & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary last night at a fancy steakhouse. It was our present to each other, since it was so expensive. Let me see... what did we eat (because that is what this preggo loves to talk about)? DH had a colossal shrimp cocktail, a 14 oz filet with bearnaise. I had a beefsteak tomato salad with purple onion, a filet with mustard demi glace & mushrooms, and we shared a side of balsamic asparagus. For dessert, we were treated to a Grand Marnier souffle with sabayon (sp?) whipped cream (compliments of the house), and a hot chocolate cake with ice cream. Oh man was it fantastic. We exchanged our cards this morning & they were really sweet & sappy. A year ago right now, I was soooo nervous. It really has been a fabulous year, filled with travel, family, friends... we made so many memories. And now we will celebrate every anniversary from here on out as parents. I'm glad we had this year to ourselves. Here's to a great year!!


Hey said...

Did you by any chance go to Morton's? That is a great place. You guys should try Hyde Park. The DH took me there for my 30th was fantastic.

Omrithekat said...

Yeah! We were at Morton's! Which Hyde Park is best? We have been to the one off Old Henderson a couple of times- we thought we would try something different. I suppose we could have gone to a different Hyde Park, though.