Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Banana Face

Corbin had his 4 month appointment today, and he did great! He is 50th percentile for height and weight, and his big ole noggin is in the 75th percentile. He got his vaccinations, and mommy cried. But he was fine- in fact, he was laughing at the nurse before she left the room.

We got the official go-ahead for solids. We've already been doing bananas. I wasn't going to start until 6 mos, but Corbin has already taken such an interest in solids & he meets all of the criteria for starting solids. The pediatrician prefers that we use organic fruits and vegetables, which I had already had surmised anyway. We had tried rice cereal, but the girls on my message board alerted me that most rice cereals are overly processed & contain very little nutrition. In fact, most of the iron is not absorbed that they contain. I personally already have rice cereal in the house, so I will probably use it up. Here is a little information about other "first foods" for babies: Many other cultures in the world use bananas exclusively as a first food. My pediatrician also "poo poo-ed" the common belief that you should introduce veggies before fruits to lessen the liklihood of a sweet-tooth. And Dr. William Sears recommends that babies who are used to the sweet taste of breastmilk to start with bananas.

Next week we will probably start sweet potatoes. I just went to the grocery store & bought ice cube trays and some first fruits and veggies. As soon as I get off the computer, I plan to spend a couple of hours making baby food in the food processor & putting it in the ice cube trays for the freezer.


Hey said...

Thanks for the heads up on the rice cereal. We actually have Alexander eating the banana flavored rice cereal. (How ironic.) I planned to make his food as time permits. He's lucky he gets fed at all. lol We didn't truly start feeding him solids regularly until about 2 weeks ago. Our pediatrician said he was getting everything he needed from me...and that I could've waited until 6 months if I wanted to. (For convenience sake, that was good to know.) Are the bananas Corbin is eating from the food processor as well?

Omrithekat said...

Not in this video- they are Gerber Organic in the video. The ones I made myself the other day are the ones we are using now. Just so you know, bananas oxidize (or something) in the freezer & turn brown! He loves them!!