Monday, March 24, 2008

Janie & Jack Easter Outfit

Here is Corbin with his Easter Basket full of baby food! I love this little outfit of his. Doesn't he look so grown up? His new thing is that he refuses to smile at a camera. I think he gets stunned by the flash. Basically, if you don't catch a smile the first shot, you don't get one!

Yesterday, I had the funniest little experience with Corbin. We had just returned home from Easter celebrations, and I was trying to feed him. He was obviously very cranky and hungry, but wouldn't take the bottle. I gave him little breaks in between attempts & then would retry. During one of the breaks, I stood him on my lap since I know he loves to stand. He determinedly grabbed both of my cheeks at the same time and pulled him face into mine & chomped down on my long, pointy nose & started to suck viciously. It was so on-purpose, it was hilarious. We grabbed the video camera, but of course, by the time we turned it on, he had stopped. I couldn't believe it.

That's when we tried bananas on him & he loved them. I knew he was hungry! He was so excitedly eating up every spoonful! They were organic bananas mixed with breastmilk. Then we "washed" the cup by adding more breastmilk to it, and he ate a couple more ounces of milk by spoon. He definitely prefers it!

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