Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Been a Long, Long Time

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. I have been working at night & getting settled in the house. Our days are often full of checklists to work off of, errands to run, etc. I have even been forgetting the camera at important events, like a family reunion this past weekend. Really slacking here.

Corbin is doing well. He did take a tumble down the stairs last Wednesday, but he is fine. Very resilient, that kid. His new favorite activity is climbing on top of his rocking chairs or his play workbench. That's a disaster waiting to happen.

He is a virtual fountain. He has a plethera of drool inside that body. I kid you not- today I was wiping his drool away for a photo I wanted to take of him with a balloon. I wiped & went to snap the photo, but the drool string was back already. So I wiped again, went to take the pic & hmmmm... back already? I did that 2 more times after that before I was able to get a drool-free photo. But then he tilted his head down again, and it came dripping out.

He has 3 molars now, I think. I haven't seen that upper right one, but I felt it tonight when brushing his teeth. And both eye teeth are popping through. So we have 11, soon to be 13. At least we are halfway done with the baby teeth. It seems like he's getting a lot more teeth erupting lately.

I will have to get a video of him imitating the Yo Gabba Gabba dancers. Jon & I were cracking up tonight at him dancing along. They do these sequential dance moves. For example, they might put their arms up first, then spin, then drop to the floor & jump up. He will try his hardest to keep up with them. He does the moves along with the TV, and sometimes he tries to anticipate the next move & do it ahead of time. He's so stinking smart.

He is also obsessed with cats, as anyone who has seen him lately knows. He will find a cat where you didn't know one existed. There might be one on someone's sock or a book. Wherever there is one to be found, he will announce it!

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