Friday, July 20, 2007

I'm All About Food

I'm a dietitian for a living. While DH and I were TTC, I romanticized that I would eat only organic, whole foods to nourish my baby while he grows. I stopped by KFC on the way home one night for some honey BBQ boneless wings, and my husband was shocked. "You never eat fast food. Not since I have known you!" And I turned heads in the breakroom at work when I repeated the treat a few days later.

Today, it started out okay for lunch. I had a yogurt with some bran bud cereal (the kind that looks like twigs), a tablespoon of flax, and then I saw my hubby's leftover Doritos from his fishing trip. Whoops. I finished the bag. That was my lunch.

About cravings... I have not had many that "stuck." Usually, something sounds really good to me, but once I eat it, the love affair is immediately over. Four or five weeks ago, I remembered a favorite treat from my childhood. The namesake of this blog. The Giant Chewy kind. I remember when I had the chickenpox, they were all I wanted to eat. I read my comic books on the couch, accompanied by my Giant Chewy Sweett*arts. The craving is back. I've probably purchased nearly 15 packets since then. But I wish I could have my way. I want all yellow ones. Can't they sell me tons of yellow ones? The purple and red ones I could take or leave. Green piques my interest, but the yellows are yum!

I think junk food was made for pregnant people. What I don't understand is why I want it. There is obviously no biological need for it. Or do you think my baby needs malic acid and artificial colors to grow? :) Perhaps it is the "well, I am pregnant and getting fat anyway" attitude that drives it. Although I do realize intellectually that those empty calories will just need to be burned off later.

Tonight marks the beginning of the Jazz & Rib Fest. I've looked forward to it every single year, but this year seems especially fun... drippy hot ribs & corn on the cob. Pregnant woman playground, here I come!

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