Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Weird Monday

Yesterday was such a strange day. First of all, I had an OB appointment. I have gained 14# so far, just at the high end of normal, so I have to watch it these next 20 weeks. Also, I have to have another cervical ultrasound next week, and if it measures < 3.0 cm, I will be enrolled in a study at OSU & have to take progesterone supplements. Hopefully, it won't come to that, though.
After the appointment, I started to clean the condo. We recently cancelled our cleaning service & this was my first deep cleaning. I was standing next to the coat closet, getting some supplies, and heard someone open the storm door. Then I heard someone stick their key in the lock. Instinctively, I slammed my body against the door & yelled "Who is it?" I looked out the peephole & this guy started stammering, "Oh, I must have the wrong place." Then I watched him get in his pickup truck. When he was in the truck, I opened the door & watched him drive away fast. Now, he might have been driving away fast because I scared him, but it was a little fishy. We have given out our keys to a cleaning service and also some painters. We got the keys back, but there's no way to tell if copies of our key had been made. So then I had to get the locks changed and give a police report. All of this consumed a heck of a lot of my day. Then I had to get back to cleaning.
I finally sat down at around 6 pm & put my feet up. Hello, edema! My first episode of swollen ankles. I could actually leave thumbprints on them. I was hoping it would never come to that.
Today was a lot more low key, thank goodness.
Although today at work I did touch base with a girl who gave birth almost 2 months ago to an 8 week premature baby boy. Unfortunately, he developed necrotizing enteritis & has had to have several surgeries already. We are hoping he gets off of IV nutrition soon & heals. The doctors are amazed that he has survived after being so sickly, so I am hoping that his fighting spirit prevails.

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