Friday, February 15, 2008

Eczema & Babbles



Corbin has been having a lot of trouble with his skin for the past 2 weeks. It started off as dandruff and scaly patches on his elbows and shins, and progressed to red bumps, too. Last night, overnight, he scratched his head and also rubbed the red bumps on the back of his head against his sheets so much that they bled. :(
I got some hydrocortisone cream at the store today & he seemed to really like it. I feel better, but I wish that I could have figured out that he was itchy sooner than I did.

On a lighter note, his babbles are sounding more and more like words. Especially when he is fussing. This morning when Jon was getting ready for work, Corbin was upset & started to babble while he fussed. All of a sudden, it sounded like he yelled, "G___D___ it!" Jon and I both heard it clear as day and started laughing. I said, "Oh great! His first words!" Jon said not to worry... unless he repeats it!

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