Monday, February 18, 2008

Sleep Schedule



Yesterday, we got to hang out with Aunt Jeni over at Ethan's house. We had a nice afternoon playing with babies. Corbin stayed up for a couple of hours and even stayed true to his nap schedule while we were over there. He took the SweetPea.ce soothing center for a test-drive. I wasn't sure how he would take to it, but he liked it! For some reason, he sleeps best during daylight hours in a swing. I think it's because he is fighting off sleep since everyone's up and things are so exciting. Motion soothes him to sleep no matter what, so I guess that's why it works.

We've been very lucky with his sleep schedule- he's very predictable. And he slept for 7 hours 3 days last week, and last night he slept 6 1/2 hours in a row. He takes his morning nap from either 9 or 10 am to 12 or 1 pm, and then from 3 pm to 5 or 6 pm. Then he goes to bed somewhere between 9 and 10 pm. Of course, I probably just jinxed it!!!

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