Saturday, February 16, 2008

Slept Through First Meeting with Cousin


We went over to Corbin's cousin's home today because he had been discharged from the hospital. I was hoping for a good photo of the two of them "meeting", but they both slept through the entire visit.

On the way to Ethan's house, we stopped to eat brunch with my father-in-law & step-mother-in-law. We had packed a lot of things into the backseat of the car, where I was sitting with Corbin. When we got to the restaurant & I stepped out, I didn't realize the camera strap was caught around my foot & I ended up dragging it out of the car with me. It broke. We went to get an estimate for repairs, and it will cost as much as a new camera of the same version. Since we had an insurance policy on it, we suggested to the insurance company that we just get reimbursed for a new one. Jon's dad (our agent) will get back to us on whether or not this will work out. If it does, we plan to upgrade our old camera to the 12.0 mega-pixel version (we have the 10.0). So in a way, my clutziness may be a blessing!

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