Saturday, January 12, 2008

Growth Spurt


This morning, Corbin weighed 10 lbs, 0.5 oz. We have had QUITE an interesting couple of days as far as his behavior goes. The only thing I can attribute it to is a growth spurt.

He had been a very predictable baby up until Thursday. He liked to nap in his bouncer after he ate. He usually ate 3-4 oz every 3-4 hours. He was easy to put down at night, and he would sleep in his bassinet next to our bed.

All of a sudden, he refused to be put down. He would scream his head off if I put him down anywhere. He ate almost non-stop. I'd say he wanted 5-6 oz every 2-3 hours. He didn't seem colicky because his crying only began if I put him down. He refused to sleep unless he co-slept. He would fall asleep on our chests, but would not be put down in his swing, bouncer, crib or bassinet, no matter how deep his sleep was. I had to put him down in order to pump yesterday, and he would scream & snort while tears ran down his face. It was heartbreaking!

Last night, we co-slept, even though I really am anxious about co-sleeping. It's not a long term solution.

Today, he seems much better. He slept in his swing & is in a much better mood. I think he was just going through a growth spurt & it made him pretty uncomfortable & needy.

My fever was finally gone this morning. I thought it was gone a few days ago, but then I noticed it came back in the evenings (around 100). But this morning, it was 98.8, and I actually have some energy today.

I took this picture of Corbin just a few minutes ago. He looks like he has changed physically in the past 48 hours, too. His face is fuller & when his eyes are open, they look a little smaller, probably due to his growing noggin.

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