Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating, continued

What is this thing?
Oh, I get it!
Working on my pincer grasp!

We've been working a little on self-feeding. He is getting better with his "little puffs." He mostly uses a palmer grasp on them & sort of corrals them into his mouth somehow.

This week we tried pumpkin for the first time. I mixed it with 1 cube of banana and a dash of nutmeg. It was delicious, actually! He's really good with combination foods. I'm always trying to keep it interesting. For instance: pear, blueberry & oats, banana & avocado, peaches, cinnamon & barley, etc. Tuesday, I made a bunch of foods for him since his freezer stash was getting a little low: pumpkin, bluberries (disappointing how they cook down so much!), pears, peaches & banana.

Tomorrow, we will try some wheat toast broken into little bits & see how he manages that texture. It's also time to start slowly introducing some proteins. I will start with the egg yolk & then move in to the meats. I am not looking forward to stinky poop!

Speaking of poop, I am now getting good at "guess what Corbin had to eat?" I can identify squash poo, avocado poo, and now green bean poo as well.

He's so active that it seems like he is constantly hungry, but he is gaining very slowly. He just needs a lot of fuel! Last we weighed him (maybe 4 days ago?), he was 18 lbs and 13 oz, but Jon weighed him in his diaper, so that's not really fair.

In other news, his new car seat should be here today, according to UPS tracking! Can't wait to show you all what we got! Corbin will model it for you soon!

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