Friday, November 9, 2007

36 Week Appointment

I started my internals today! Yay! We are near the end! The OB office seemed to be cheering me on, now. And I got free stuff! A diaper bag and a bottle tote filled with free samples of diapers, wipes, formula & coupons. I went down the checklist with the medical assistant, too: childcare taken care of, carseat is installed, etc.

I'm a fingertip dilated! This basically means nothing, but at least my cervix is not closed still. Effacement is extremely hard to judge for me because of my previous cervical surgery.

I started to drink raspberry tea and take evening primrose oil to help soften my cervix. This will not actually put me into labor, but it will help out what has already begun (so they say).

One week from tomorrow, I am officially full term! I am ready to go anytime after that. Especially after that because that is the day of the Michigan-Ohio State game and my husband will just die if I go into labor before that.

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