Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nope! False Alarm!

Yeah, boo. The title says it all. Now I am so confused about labor.

Went to the hospital at midnight with very frequent contractions. They hooked me up & my contractions are INDEED intense & every (get this) 30 seconds to 3 minutes apart at the most. Most of them last over 1 minute, too. I am also 100% effaced!

But cervix is still stuck at 1 cm, so I was sent home after 3 hours monitoring.

The first time she checked me (warning, Too Much Information ahead!!), she pulled out a gloved finger covered in a big red souvenir right in front of my husband's face & goes "Yes, you do have bloody show!" My DH, who is very squeamish anyway, almost lost it!

Who knows when it will be when I go into active labor! When discharged this morning, they gave me the standard "5 minutes apart, 1 minute, for 1 hour" instructions & DH & I were like, "well, apparently, this is not an exact science, because we are already there & we're going home!"

Well, I guess the good news is that since I am 100% effaced, I should go quickly when I do actually start to dilate more. I will tell you this- I am done with the castor oil!


Anonymous said...

Mom just called-
Congratulations from AZ!
See you in December.

-your brother

Omrithekat said...

Thanks!!! Can't wait for you to meet him!