Monday, November 12, 2007

Nesting & Nausea

Above is a picture of Lula. She has taken to the Pack N Play lately, I think because the dog cannot bug her when she's up there. Just wait until she finds out it isn't hers!

Today I did my normal cleaning rotation, but I added to it. I also cleaned the baseboards, alphabetized the DVD's & organized the tupp.erware cabinet. I just felt like I should get those things done, so I guess that qualifies as nesting.

Also, after I was done, I was soooo nauseated & haven't felt right since. I am not sure if I just overexerted myself or if the baby just changed positions or what, but I feel horrible tonight! I have really only wanted bland foods since. I don't really feel like eating, but I know I should, so I am.

I just feel very off today. My belly has been tight all day, too, so it is extremely difficult to tell if I am having contractions. It feels like the skin is being stretched over a drum. I huuuuuuuuuuurt (whine).

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