Thursday, November 15, 2007

Possibly Maybe Soon?

It all started this morning at work. I had horrendous "gas pains" that I couldn't even concentrate through. They were horrible, debilitating pains in my lower abdomen & they would last anywhere from 10-15 min each & then let up for about a half an hour at a time. Whatever the heck it was, I knew it wasn't right. So I call the OB office again & see if I can get my Fri appointment switched to today. And I could....
The 20 minute drive from work to the office was so painful I was almost in tears. I almost went straight to the hospital instead.
So I get there & they started to hook me up to the NST monitors & I was already contracting & she said "Oh, wow- that's a big contraction!" As soon as I was hooked up, we could see it was a big contraction. The uterine activity monitor was up in the 70's. I sat in the recliner, hooked up to the machine & whimpered through the contractions. They were so painful, I couldn't believe it. They were every 7 minutes. The medical assistant and the nurse each came in at different times & said "You may go to labor & delivery today. You seem like you are in early labor stages." At the end of my monitoring, I was seriously sweating so badly that they commented on it. Then the doctor wanted to check my cervix. I really thought there was going to be some huge change in it, but there wasn't. I'm at 1 cm. So that was a little disappointing! HOWEVER, the doctor made some comments that made me very hopeful. I hope, hope, hope he knows what he is talking about. He said "I might see you tonight at the hospital, or I might see you tomorrow or even this weekend." I'm not sure how he can make that call, since I thought "labor" was defined as changes in the cervix. But he seemed fairly confident about it. He said "Make sure to labor at home as much as possible." And he also mentioned that I am probably not going back to work.... and he still had me make an appointment for next week. Arg!!! I'm confused! So what I gather from all of this is that I am not yet in labor, but probably soon???

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